Hemlock Lace Pattern help

Hello knitters! I am trying to make this doille, but having a lot of problems, not only starting over 4 times, but I do not end up the correct # of stitches. :???: :???:

what does "O"mean
is “thread over twice” = yo,yo
I went to knittinghelp.com but it did NOT help in this case.

from row 13 to 14 I did not end up with 88 stitches
I am using 2 circulars instead of dp needles
what is (O,k1) = yo, k1?
the 14th row always messes me up!

Thank you for your help!


The O is for YO, thread over twice is to make 2 YOs. And yes, O, k1 is yo, k1.

On round 14 you’ll be making 9 sts in each YO except the first one and will end up with 88 sts. Just go slowly and you should be able to get it.

Thank you for your help with this pattern Suzi.


(meeko on Ravelry)

Hi Sarah
We have a Hemlock KAL going on, Why don’t you join us, read the old post for any info that might be helpful to you, ask as many questions as you need. I am on row 67 now. I will be making another one of these and the one thing I will do on the next one is use stitch markers between each repeat. Will save a lot of hassle trying to undo rows of stitches trying to figure where you went wrong.

Thank you for letting me know! I will read the old posts.
Thanks again,