I am trying my first project ever and I’m really confused. Here is a link to the pants I’m trying to make.

I am at the part that says to fold knitting along p ridge to inside of work and secure hem as follows: Its about 17 lines down from where the directions start. So my question I guess is do I just fold it up and kint the CO st to the st on the needles? HELP!!!

Oh yeah then after that it says toCont in stockinette st until work measures 8 in from turning point of hem. Does that mean I just knit unilt its 8 ins?

Yup, basically you’re knitting the hem up instead of sewing it. Put your needle through the cast on edge and pull the loop through that and the stitch on your needle.

Then keep knitting until the length is 8 inches from the hem.

You’ll fold up your cast on edge on the inside of the work so that the CO edge and your current row of live stitches are together. Then you put your needle through the first live stitch on your needle as usual, and also then go through the stitch of your CO edge, which should be right behind it. Then wrap your yarn as usual and pull that through both the CO st and your live st. It’s kind of like how a 3 needle bind off works.

You would measure 8 in from the bottom of your piece after you turn the hem, so you can measure from the purl ridge you did, which should now be the bottom of the piece.

Thanks for the help! I need more now, lol. After I finsh the first leg I just put a scrap piece of yarn in it to hold it in place tight? Then do I cute the working yarn off to start the second leg? And when I finish the second leg it says to leave the needles in it do I leave the working yarn on too or do I cut it to use form the circular needle to work on the hips? I’m really confused on how to put it all together. some help agian please?

You leave the stitches from the first leg on a piece of yarn or spare circ and cut the yarn. Make the second leg. Then you cast on 5 stitches for the crotch, knit the stitches from the first leg, cast on 5 for the other side of the crotch and knit the stitches from the second leg. Now all your stitches will be joined in a tube for the hips.

Thank you! I think I get it now, I’m sure I’ll be back later with more questions! You all are the best!