i have graduated from scarves to the wide world of baby booties. got the cuff no problem, got the instep no problem. now i have a problem. i have 13 sts on one st holder, 13 sts on 2nd st holder and the instep which is 10 sts on the 3rd holder with the yarn cut as instructed. now i am supposed to "with right side facing and using larger size needles, knit 13 sts from 1st holder, pick up 7 sts along 1st side of instep, knit 10 sts from instep st holder, pickup 7 sts along second side of instep, slip 13 sts from last st holder onto empty needle and knit across: i will then have 50 sts. but my question is what the hell do i knit them with. i just cut my yarn as told. please help me before i rip them out and go back to scarves!!! :?? :thinking: :crying: :?:

I believe you should just join some new yarn when you knit the 13sts from the 1st holder. – does that sound reasonable?

thank you for the advice. i just picked up the end that i cut from and started from there. was hard to start with out a slip knot but i finally got it.