HELPP! Baby blanket!

Hi everyone! I’m quite new to this knitting and I love it! My good friend just found out she’s having a baby boy and I want to make her a baby blanket. I need something easy though since I just started can anyone help me???

Are you on Ravelry? There are a lot of cute and easy patterns on there. Here’s one: I think this patten is precious.

There is a video on here about picking up and knitting around an edge.

Good luck!

no whats ravelry???

It’s an awesome knitting and crocheting community. It’s a great resource for patterns and to connect with knitting friends. You have to sign up to get an invite to join. (It’s for technological reasons, that I don’t completely understand.) I got my invite after about a week when I joined last fall. It’s totally free too!

For more immediate gratification, check out .

Or Both these sites have lots of patterns.

Lion Brand’s website also has a lot of free patterns and many of them are geared to beginners.

You have to sign up to access the patterns, but it’s free.

Saw your post a little late. Someone posted this a while ago and really liked it. The pattern is pretty, and it’s not really that hard.

Good luck!

Ann Norling’s Baby Blocks is a very easy and pretty baby blanket. I just finished one and am working on a second.

If you can knit & purl and count to nine you can make this blanket. Great for a first baby blanket.


Hi, you may also find
to be helpful. just click the top left corner where it says Free Pattern Directory.

Good Luck!