Helping out a friend

Strictly speaking this isn’t actually my shop I am posting here. It’s run by a good friend of mine who has started to make some crafts to help fund her schooling since her finical aid has run out and I want to try and help her out. She has taken to making things like scarfs, hoods, bracelets, necklaces etc to help with upcoming semesters she only has a little bit left doesn’t want to fall short at the finish line so feel free to check it out. She has talked about doing requests and I constantly see her working on something so check back every week or two and you might find something new on her site. I’ll be checking the thread if there are any questions and I hope you like her work. I know there are a lot of options here so I’ll thank you if you take the time to see what she has.

It’s under the Tag KirasHandyWork on Etsy. I admit I am hardly a expert in this personally but I hope at least a couple people will take a look and maybe like her work.

Welcome and thanks for the information. You can post a link now if you’d like (just copy and paste the URL into a post). You’re a good friend.

Thanks burns herself out half the time so I figure this was just a little thing I could do to try and help her out.

Just had a big update to the store.