Helping learn to knit

i m a teacher in istanbul i want to teach my student knitting fisrtly me
but im a dyslexic person so i search a book with picture and i search a book very simply can you help me

Welcome to KH!
Do you have a system of public libraries in Istanbul? That’s a wonderful way to sample a variety of books and see which appeals to you. We all have different ways of learning so it’s difficult to recommend a single book. I used the instructions at the beginning of many pattern books when I started. Now, there are many instructional videos online and you might prefer that.

There are many videos on line as the moderator, Salmonmac stated. You can go to YOUTUBE, too. There are different styles there… you have to search how to hold the yarn, cast on… etc. so keep practicing. You will get it eventually. Also, this site: knitting help has videos too. Good luck. ca