Helping granny crochet again

:heart:My grandma used to cochet a long time ago (i don’t think i was born yet). I would like to send her a surprise gift of a set of crochet hooks, and some yarn. As i am very new to crochet (still working on my very first crochet project-a single granny square baby blanket in cotton) what would be good choices of yarn for her? i was think of sending some acrylics in coordinating colors. easy wash and warm too. since it has been 20+ years, should i include a how to booklet to help refresh her ? I thought this would be a good gift since she is mostly confined to her bed now, and i think she’d like the hobby to occupy her mind instead of endless tv. Thanks for any advice!:muah:

I’d probably pick out a pattern booklet, and buy everything she would need to do the pattern.

One thing to consider if she has arthritis though is that standard crochet hooks can exacerbate it. They make hooks with wider grips, you may want to look into that.

What a lovely idea, Jeanius! You’ve probably already purchased the items, and I agree with your thoughts to choose co-ordinating colors in soft acrylics and a book with a few simple patterns, such as the granny blanket you are doing. Lighter colors are easier on older eyes, and a larger hook size, such as a K, is helpful. My elderly friend always crochets with a K and knits with a 10 1/2. She is now totally blind, still making blankets for any baby she hears about and donates the rest to crisis pregnancy centers. I’m so proud of her! And truly, it is a blessing to her too. She listens to talk radio or audio books for the blind while she works on her blankets. Let us know what you chose for her. I’m very curious!

thanks for the replies! i have some worsted acrylics in coordinating colors, and will be getting her some hooks, once all the yarn arrives. She won’t get it in time for holidays… but probably just shortly after :heart:

My mother in law is 86 years old .she made afghans for all of her 6 kids going to college.This year she visited me in Florida for a month. During that time I started her crocheting granny squares and an afghan , done in single crochet. she is home again and says she is doing baby blankets for her family who may be born after she is Gone. She is happy having regained her old skill ,as she did not think it possible. Helen

Helen, thanks for sharing! I just shipped my granny a box full of yarn (probably enough for 2 blankets) a set of hooks, and a pattern booklet (to help refresh her memory and give her new ideas!) I hope she gets it tomorrow, otherwise, I’ll have to call the shipping store… :slight_smile: I really can’t wait to hear what she thinks! She was giving me a hard time because she knows she’s getting box, but not WHAT is in it :teehee: she said she was disappointed i wasn’t sending candy or cookies! :heart: