Helpful online store for Malabrigo


I want to knit a baby blanket for a friend using Malabrigo chunky. The pattern uses 6 different colours. AFAIK I can’t get Malabrigo here in Australia and am therefore after a helpful online store where I can buy some. I’m after a helpful store as I have looked at the colours on the website and have an idea of the colours that I want, but without actually seeing them all together it’s hard to say if they will work:shrug:. Therefore I’m after someone helpful who will say (honestly!) if my colour choices are right and if not will suggest a colour that will work better.

Any recommendations would be great.


a couple of other suppliers (not malabrigo, but very similar wool and nice color selections too)
on ebay(make sure to email seller before bidding), $8.50 USD for 218 yds/3.5 oz. I have bought wool from these guys, very similar to malabrigo. I love thier wool :heart: (scroll down :slight_smile: $7 usd 218 yds/3.5 oz

also you could let us know what colors you are looking at and maybe we could help that way too?

Thanks jeanius80. I purchased my last lot of malabrigo off ebay (from Quality fibres) and she was very good. I’ll have a look at that link you posted.

I’m after six colours

  1. Red - thinking of either Vermillion or Bergamota (malabrigo colours)
  2. Blue/gray - maybe Azul profundo
  3. Pink - maybe cactus flower
  4. Green - either verde esperaza or saphire green
  5. Yellow - sauterne
  6. blue/purple - purple mystery or violetas

Or maybe rather than using a blue/gray and blue/purple colour, just get one that is definately blue and one that is definately purple (or a different colour that’s not so close to blue - ?orange). As I said it’s for a baby blanket so I want it to be nice and colourful but I’m hopeless at putting colours together! I’m using this pattern as my base…

but it’s got pink, red and red/orange all in a row which I think is too close together, so I’m going to swap the red/orange for yellow

Thanks for the help & any suggestions,

these would be my choices for that particular pattern, HTH!
30 Purple Mystery
150 Azul Profundo
4 Saphire Green
7 Cadmium
152 Tiger Lily
24 Vermillion

You should get in touch with the ladies at my LYS, Purlescence in Sunnyvale, California. The three proprietors are just lovely and although they don’t have an online store, I’m sure they would help you match your Malabrigo colors and ship it out to you! The store usually carries Malabrigo in lots of different colorways.

Purlescence Yarns
586 S Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, Ca 94086
408-735-YARN (9276)

Thanks for the suggestion knovice.

I have worked out that I can copy the colours from the malabrigo website into a word document to play with the how the colours will look. I will post a poll and hopefully some people will vote on which they prefer (or suggest other combos)

Thanks heaps,