Helpful hints for remembering rows

Hello ~

I am a new knitter and am anxious to try more complex patterns ~ however ~ I find it difficult to remember what row I am on, sometimes while I am knitting and then after I have set my work down for a bit… any helpful hints would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Have you tried a row counter? It’s a little thing you slip on your needle and you turn it when you reacht the end of each row.

I use a post-it-note and move it to the next row of directions when I finish knitting a row.

I used to write out each row of directions onto an index card, then flip to the next card when I finished a row. Sometimes, when the writing out of directions seemed too daunting, I would make an extra copy of the pattern, then cut it up, row by row, and tape/paste each row of directions onto said index card.

I use the post it note, placing it so the row or round I’m on is just above it and make a tally mark after each row. I don’t move the post it note until I’m ready to knit the next one. I also chant my row as I’m knitting it, only if it’s a knit or purl row and doesn’t have a pattern to follow.

:star:Row counters can be made from a series of chain links with a charm at the bottom. Each time you pass the row counter which is in the midst of your knitting, move it down one link till you get to the charm.

:star:The same can be made with a piece of yarn, tying a series of loops that coincide with the number of rows you have to knit.

:star:One can also use a lobster claw from the jewelry making isle at the local craft store. You can put it on a stitch on the first row and then count down to find out where you are.

:-PI personally find row markers that others (grand kids) can’t play with or loose while I’m away from my knitting nook, as well as being attached to my knitting are the best to help me keep my place