Helpful Find

In another post, I asked if anyone here had ever used elastic thread in sock cuffs. Apparently, no one has or that person never read my post because no one responded as having done so. Finally, I found some of this thread yesterday at Hancock fabrics.

I like to make socks from the toes up via ML, but I haven’t been able to find a binding off method that I like or one that looks good enough to suit me. The thread worked very well and I just wanted to share my tip with all of you.

All I did was: After making the last row, I ran a safety line through them all the way around, cut and knotted the yarn tail, then I ran two rows of this elastic thread thorugh the stitches, adjusted it as tight as I wanted it, knotted it securely, removed safety line, hid both yarn and thread tails, and VOILA. This worked so well. It stretches, looks and wears great. From now on I will be using this method in toe up socks. :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

I’ve tried to add a picture, but twice failed. You’ll have to take my word about the elastic.

I think i had read your article and told you about i got those elastic thread…but i never get to knit those socks yet… cos’ i am stuck with my other unfinished project…

those work out well for you …that is so good to know… i know then mine will work out as well

thanks for updating us your feedback is valuable to all sock knitters out here

thank you :heart: