I am currently knitting some boot slippers and i am stuck on a section. It says pick up the 18 stitches and then knit 11. Do i pick up 11 from the cuff?

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What is your pattern called and can you post a link to it? If you just finished working a rectangular piece extending out on part of the stitches then you will probably be picking up 18 stitches on the long edge.

here is the pattern and what I have done so far

have I picked up the stitches from the wrong side?

I think I see the problem but I’m not sure and don’t quite know how to explain. I’ll leave it for someone else rather than confuse you. You will get help!

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It looks like you’ve picked up sts from the cuff instead of the tongue. Row 39 (size M) ends with 7sts at the end of the tongue and the working yarn attached there. You want to pick up 18sts down the left side of the tongue in your photo and then 11sts along the cuff (that’s where your needle is now).

I did the 11 cast off then the 11 knit until row 35 then began to shape the toe. I didn’t turn the work and the went down the tongue to make 18 stitches. then it says knit 11 but not sure if I have gone down the wrong side. should I have picked up the stitches from the side with the longer cuff section?

Pick up the 18sts from the side of the tongue near the needle that’s holding 22sts, then knit 11 of those 22sts. So that’s the left hand side of the tongue in the photo. The instructions want you to pick up 18sts and then knit 11sts. Those 11sts are live loops on the needle that’s holding the 22sts.
Now place a marker and turn and work back on the 11 + 18 + 7sts until you get to the right side of the tongue. Pick up 18sts along that edge.
At this point you’ll join to work in the round by knitting the 11sts that remain unworked and are sitting on the needle in your photo. The 11sts that you cast off before knitting the tongue should be unconnected, just flapping in the breeze for now. It looks like you’ll continue in the round to knit the sides and perhaps the sole of the bootie.

thank you. I did pick up the wrong side. and finished the bootie. was simple once I worked out my mistake.