I found a pattern so I read all the instruction to make sure if its clear to me. I am planning to knit this next.

Here is the link:

I understand the work of the shrug BUT I do not understand the Finishing part. How can I make the sleeves? SO confusing!

This shrug doesn’t actually have sleeves, just openings created by the fold. The diagram at the bottom is showing you the folded piece with the openings for the arms left unseamed. You can try it out with a piece of paper if that helps to visualize the finishing.

Ok, I have 39 inches and I bind off.

Tell me if I am doing this right way:

  • I’ll have to fold it in half
  • I have to pick the cast on and bound off stiches in both sides.

Then wat?

Fold it lengthwise so that half the bound off sts meet the other half of the bound off sts and half the cast on sts meet the other half of the cast on sts. Seam along the sides (seam bound off side to bound off side and cast on side to cast on side) leaving 7 inches open (near the fold line) for the armholes.