I figured it out, the reason it doesn’t look right to me is I am doing it oposite of what I was use to doing :slight_smile:

That makes sense. Now you have it figured out, please, be our resident expert.

I will try :slight_smile: I still think it is my grandma that is doing the knitting She is just using my hands LOL

Channeling knitting? OK! :slight_smile:

I think so, I was always a good crocheter but never knitting and in less then a month I was able to pick up knitting right handed and they two days ago I was able to teach myself how to knit left handed… Some one up there must really like me

I am so proud of myself, I am almost done with my dish cloth and will be starting another one and I did it all by myself :slight_smile: and I had some very nice people to chat with on here along the way :woot:

That’s great. :woohoo: Switching hands is a challenge, you have to be motivated. Now you can decide which hand should hold the needle most of the time. You might never have to purl on stockinette knit flat.

I thought your photos looked great.

All done :cheering:

why thank you, I was surprised after talking to a few people the knit they all said it would be very hard to knit left handed but I found it a piece of cake ok so it had a few little lumps in it LOL

Glad to see that it worked out so well. Nice dishcloth!

thank you all :slight_smile: well last night I started another one and got about a 4th the way through it when I heard a pop in my right thumb and I blew out the tendent, so today I have to go see the orthopedist. I am so glad I switched to the left hand because now I think I will be restricted to only knitting left hand and not use the right at all :frowning:

Those are some great looking dish cloths–whether you did them with your right hand or your left. You seem to be a rare breed–one of those people who is ambidextrous. I’ve not heard of too many people who can knit with either hand, especially someone who learned as fast as you did. Great job, there!

So sorry to hear about your thumb, though. I really hope you didn’t “blow anything out.” That would be awful! Who knew knitting could be so dangerous!

thank you so much, yeah I think it is the joint because it now rolls when I move my thumb, My doctor said I should lay off my right hand and I guess I am still using it too much so tonight I am going to try and go solo with just my left hand. I love doing these cloths. When my Grandmother was on her death bed just before she passed she told me never to try and do them because they where so hard to do them. Well I am one of those very stubborn people, so after her death I started to go through everything she had and I ran upon her directions for her dishcloths … and of course I didn’t understand a word she had written so I took them to a friend at Joann’s and she told me what they where and explained them to me and I went home and knitted my first one and it look huge compared to hers so I experimented and went down 3 needle sizes and I got it they look exactly like hers, and they are a fun project to do in my spare time

A grandma after my own heart. If you tell someone they can’t do it, they will prove they can. Worked with my kids and now with my GKs too. They just have to prove me wrong! :heart:

If you use straight needles, you could try putting the right needle under your arm to hold it so you’re not using the right hand at all. Or rig up something to hold it for you. I think they might sell such devices.

Yeah I know I was looking for them but since I am really not using the hand other then holding it I am doing pretty good. I have to take Ibuprofen every 6 hours or three times a day till I get to the doctors so we will see. I am working on a red,white and blue dish cloth now :slight_smile: I need to do 22 more before I can take a break