I am both a right and left hand knitter, I am having a problem because I tore a tendent in my right thumb I need to knit left handed. I am having problems with a set of directions my Grandma left me before she passed away which are for her dish cloths … Normally I do them right handed but since I now have to do them left handed it is hard … The directions are knit 4,yo,k3tgo, then knit to the end its is simple enough but it doesn’t look right when I am doing this left handed. I need HELP :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help. Sometimes left handed knitting means Continental style. If I understand you correctly, what would ordinarily be the right needle in your right hand, the one doing the work, is now the left needle in your left hand? Is this what you mean?

yes that is correct, the sad thing is my Mother was also a lefty but she too is gone so I am trying to do this myself and was pretty good till I started decreasing

I’ve never tried to knit left handed and have looked but haven’t found videos of left handed knitters. I think I read that the decreases have to be reversed, a k2tog would become a ssk and vice versa. You might try it and see. I’ll look and see if I can find any links that might help. Meanwhile, someone here may see this and have better input. Your pattern sounds like a variation of “Grandma’s Favorite Dish Cloth” a pattern I’ve used a lot. I hope you heal well and quickly.

Thank you so much, yeah I can do it right handed but with my injury I dont dare, I will try and look up that on you tube and see if I can do it. I still couldn’t figure out how to do it LOL

Knitting left handed is not that difficult & the only things that I have to reverse in right handed instruction are ssk, k2tog & shapings on garments fronts.

found here by Lee@2 in the next to last post on the page. So, if it says k2tog, use ssk and if it says ssk use k2tog. At least that’s what I think it means. If you’re knitting left handed and can do the decreases, then I think you’ll be fine while your thumb heals. You’ll also be way ahead of most of us who can only manage to use our right hands. Please let us know how things work out for you and I’d love to see a picture of your dish cloth.

thank you, I also found this

But now I have a problem because of the yo do I do that before or after I do the 3tog? I am hoping a lefty sees this and will be able to maybe help :slight_smile:

I see. Yes, you would reverse the yo and dec wouldn’t you? Or do them at the end and then k4? (K across to the last 8 sts, yo, k3tog, k4.) This has my interest, I hope I’m not making things worse. I didn’t realize you were doing a centered double decrease either. LOL I should bow out as gracefully as possible…

No your great I get to throw some ideas out, It is so hard I was doing great till I got the middle of the cloth and then when I started the decrease that is where I am having the most trouble because of the YO is suppose to be after the 4 right when you have to do the 3tog and that is the hardest because I am so use to doing it right handed but left handed is something else LOL we will get it I am not worried

That’s also what I thought I was doing the opposite kniting across then Yo when I was increasing and it seemed to be doing the trick so I tried that on the decrease but it didn’t look right at all, so I am thinking there has to be a step I am not getting or doing but don’t know what it is. I was surprised because my Grandmother when she was alive couldn’t figure out what I was doing and I kind of gave up trying to knit and then about a month ago I gave it a try again and had no problem knitting right handed. Then I kept waking up in the morning with a sore thumb that got so bad I couldn’t bend my thumb or use it. So the doctor told me I was a smart person and to stop knitting. Last night I taught myself to knit left handed and surprised myself that I can do it both ways

I’d say you’re doing great. I think I got my “do it at the end” all wrong too. My mind is feeling twisted and turned and tied into knots just trying to think it through. Unless it’s a gift for someone and you feel you have to have it perfect, it will still be a usable dishcloth for you. That’s a bright side maybe. :???:

this one will be for me but I need to do 12 for a baby shower and house warming and I want to make sure I get it perfect before I start doing there’s

Wow. I’m trying to knit left handed. Why not? My brain might benefit from it. I can do a pretty good knit stitch, but it’s tight. My yo wants to wrap the wrong way. K2tog…yeah, I managed, the double decrease might not happen. I’m even more impressed with your accomplishment now that I’m trying it and I don’t have a damaged thumb. I should knit a hat so I can put it on and take it off to you! :notworthy:

Welcome to Knitting Help!
That’s a great tutorial for a centered double decrease. Thanks for the link. It works well left handed.
Here’s a video for a pattern stitch knit lefty that may also help. It seems to me that you can continue the pattern as written without necessarily reversing the row. The pattern will be reversed but unless it’s letters or something of that sort you’ll be ok. Of course, you can reverse the row if you wish.
After doing a dozen of these, you’ll certainly be the expert and we can come to you for lefty questions! Love to see a photo when you finish.
I’m a lefty but knit right-handed.

I watched that video, but because of the pattern that won’t work. I did go visit a friend at my Joanne’s store who is a knitter and a lefty she told me to do what I have been doing as a right handed only reverse which hand I use so I am going to give that a try and see if it works

I figured I would share the entire directions and maybe it will make more sense and someone will be able to figure this out :slight_smile:

Cast on 3 stitches
Row 1 K1-PL,K1
Row 2 K3
Row 3 K1,yo,K1,yo,K1
Row 4 K5
Row 5 K2,yo,K1,yo,K2
Row 6 K7
Row 7 K3,yo,K1,yo,K3
Row 8 K9
Row 9 K4,yo,K to the end of row

Repeat row 9 till there are 41 stitches

Center of cloth
K1,turn, K1 turn
K2,turn,K2 turn
K3,turn,K3 turn
K4,yo K to end of row

Repeat one more time

K4,YO,K3tog,K to end of the row - This is where I am stuck
Repeat till there are 11 stitches left on needle

K1,K3 tog,Yo,K1,Yo,K3 Tog,K1
K3Tog,Yo,K1,Yo,K3 Tog
K3 bind off

In looking at the directions I was able to mirror or do the opposite for the increase, How ever the decrease with the Yo and three together is what I am having a problem on, Since my left hand isn’t my dominate hand it is a little tricky but I can’t put pressure on my right hand so I am going to have to force myself to do this left handed

If the k3tog is giving you grief you might find this version of Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth a little easier as it does k2tog and increases/decreases once on each row.

I admire your determination.

Hang on I am going to try and post photo’s of one that was done with the right hand and the one I am working on with the left hand :slight_smile:

Ok the Pink one is the one I did right handed the Green and white is what I am working on with my left hand