Hi all! My name is Kristen and I’m new to this thread. My Grandmommy taught me to knit when I was a kid and was my go to for all questions knitting. She’s no longer with us, so I’m hoping some of you can help me!

I am currently knitting my first jacket, Accordion by Leigh Spencer. It is beautiful, but I’m stuck on the neck and shoulder shaping section and fear I may have done something wrong. The pattern is:

Dear Leigh,

I know that you designed this pattern a long time ago, but I’m hoping you’ll help me out with something! This is my first sweater/jacket project, and I got the back panel finished off with no problems. I am coming to the end of the right panel, and am not sure if I’ve done something wrong. Your pattern says:

Shape Neck & Shoulders
Work first row putting first 5[6, 6, 6] neck edge sts on holder. Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 3[3, 4, 5] rows, then dec 1 st every alt row 2[4, 4, 4] times – 23[23, 28, 29] sts. Cont in patt until work measures 12[14, 16, 18] inches. BO 12[12, 16, 16] sts at shoulder edge, and 11[11, 12, 13] sts on foll alt row.

When I finished this (except for binding off) it looks like a bite has been taken out of the section right next to the collar stitches. I’ll try and post a picture soon. Is this wrong???

Is this the pattern? A pic of the problem might help, too.

I only knit seamless sweaters, not pieces, so I’ll leave the answer to someone more knowledgeable.

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It sounds like you’ve done everything correctly. It should look approximately like a quarter circle (or a big bite) at the neck edge. This may look too large but once you get the edging or collar on, it’ll close up a bit. Normally I’d say check the front schematic but the schematic isn’t very detailed and doesn’t reflect the shaping called for in the pattern.

Yes, Jan. That’s the pattern and, unfortunately, I’m not finding it so helpful. I’ve got the picture now…here is it. Is this right??? The blue needle is my collar stitches. HELP!!! :slight_smile:

Check the link in my sig for posting instructions, acceptable sizes, etc.

Let’s try this again…thanks Jan!

Knitting 1 by OperaMommy0810, on Flickr

Can this be right???

If that is a neck on a baby sweater it might be okay. Actually seems a little small, but at least it looks correct.

Here’s one from the projects on Ravelry and you can see the “bite”.

Thanks, Jan. The only reason I’m confused is that there doesn’t seem to be any neckline on that particular sweater jacket withOUT collar. Am I looking at the picture wrong (the sweater is shown on the pattern linked in your previous post). This is, in fact, a sweater for a 3 year old, and has a zipper, so that may be why it appears to be small. Sorry to be so confused…I believe I may be a little out of my element making this thing! :aww:

Check the link I added in my previous post.

The picture from Ravelry was very helpful. Still not sure why I’m holding those other stitches aside…I’m sure I’ll figure it out, though. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

You need to have [I]some[/I] shaping on the neck or else it’ll be very uncomfortable to wear. Even infant sweaters will shape the neck this way. Look later toward the end of the pattern under Finishing or Collar and the directions will tell you how to use the held sts.
It’s good to be adventurous with patterns. You can do this one!