I’ve been working on this pattern for a while

Im on the armhole and v neck shaping part of the left front. Here are the instructions for this part:

Armhole and V-neck shaping:
1st row: Cast off 4 sts. Knit to last 2 sts. K2tog (neck edge).
Place marker.
2nd row: P2tog. *KB1. P2. Rep from * to last 2 sts. P2tog.
3rd row: K2tog. Knit to last 2 sts. K2tog.
Cont in pat, dec 1 st at armhole edge on next 2 rows at the same time dec 1 st at neck edge every alt row twice, then every following 4th row until there are 33 (35-42) sts on needle.
Cont in pat until work from beg measures 27 (28-29) ins [68.5 (71-73.5) cm] ending with WS facing for next row.
Shoulder shaping: Cast off 11 (12-14) sts beg next and following alt row. Work 1 row even.
Cast off rem 11 (11-14) sts.

Here is my issue. I have seven stitches to still decrease, and the piece measures approximately 25 1\2 inches already. I would have to knit abother 28 rows, decreasing once every 4th row to have the proper # of stitches remaining.

Does row 1-3 make up the pattern i should be following in addition to the other instructions for decreasing? I had just assumed i would follow the p2 kbl1 pattern i have used for the whole thing…?!?

Thanks. :^(

Looking at the pattern, you do have to be very close to the row gauge to get the decreases in within the measurement. They start at 18" for the smallest size and should finish on or before 27". At 29 rows/4" that seems close. If your row gauge is slightly off, you may need to place the decreases every 3 rows or maybe even every other row. Measure your row gauge on the part you’ve already knit and then figure out how often you need to decrease to get down to the sts for your size [33 (35-42)]. Check also that you began the shaping at the correct measurement.
It seems to me that the pattern remains the same, knit across one row, KB1, P2 across the next except that you include the decreases.