I am a beginning knitter and have been working on a sweater for my daughter for what seems like forever. I have finally made it to the sleeves to be stumped by this…inc 1 st at each end of 5th and every foll 12th row to 57 sts. I am just not sure exactly which rows I am supposed to increase. Please help.

Inc on the 5th row, then every 12th row after that. So on row 5, 19, 31, 43, etc…

Sorry I just don’t understand why I go from row 5 to row 19. Still very confused.

Can you link to the pattern? What type of sleeve is it?

I can’t link the pattern unfortunately. I’m not sure I can tell you what kind of sleeve it is…as I said I am VERY new to this whole knitting thing. I can tell you it is a cardigan sweater for my 5yr old in stockinet.

Increase on row 5, then work 11 rows and the 12th row is 19 where you increase again. You’re not ‘skipping’ any rows, but you do the increases on every 12th row, beginning with row 5.

“Increase on row 5, then work 11 rows and the 12th row is [B]17[/B] where you increase again.” So you increase on rows 5, 17, 29, 41, 53 etc.
One thing you can do is knit the two sleeves at the same time with 2 ends of yarn. That ensures that all the increases are on the same rows and both sleeves are the same.
Good luck finishing this sweater. You’re almost there!

Ooops thanks for catching my math mistake. Of course 5 plus 12 is 17, not 19.

The problem is that that is how I have been doing it and it seems as though the sleeve is much longer than it should be.

You may have to rip out some rows on the sleeve and re-adjust the increases. Measure how long you would like the sleeve to be and check also the width that the pattern gives at the end of the increases (the widest point on the sleeve). You then will put the necessary number of increases into the number of inches required for the length. Maybe you’ll have to increase every 6th row instead of every 12th, for example.
Can you tell us the name of the pattern and the company it’s from? You could also check online for errata.

Then you probably have less rows per inch than the pattern gauge. In that case, try doing them every 10th row instead.

Someone mentioned that I should have been inc on both ends of those rows and I have not been doing that. I ripped it apart and am starting over trying this . Thoughts?

That would very well give you too many rows and not enough stitches. The pattern reads, “inc 1 st at [B]each end [/B]of 5th…” which means at both the beginning and end of the rows.

Thanks for your help!!

This post I did a while ago sharing my method of figuring out just this sort of thing might help you:

Writing the pattern out line by line can also be helpful, until you get the hang of it!

Hope this helps!