I have attempted a rather ambitious project to knit my daughter a jumper for Christmas and have got stuck! ( fortunately she is old enough to appreciate that she will get it one day, just not Christmas Day!!)
I am attempting to do a yoke on circular needles that has a vertical rib pattern and on my first attempt the pattern was different on both sides of the front and back that joined the raglan sleeves.
The pattern reads - With RS (purl side is right side) facing using 51/2 mm long circular needle, slip 43 sts from top of left sleeve, 21 sts from left front, 20 sts from front, 21 sts from right front, 43 sts from right sleeve and 62 sts from back (210 sts). Working in rounds cont as follows -
Next round - P2tog, P33 rep from to end (204 sts)
Next round - *S1, K1, psso, P2 (K3,P3) 5 times, K3,P2, K2tog, K1,sl 1, K1, psso, P2, (K3, P3) 8 times, K3, P2, K2tog, K1, rep from * once more (196 sts)
Cont as set work 1 round
Dec 8 sts on next and 16 following alt rounds (60 sts)
Please can anyone offer me some advice? Does the RS(purl) need to be on the outside or inside when knitting rounds? Where should I be starting from to make sure the pattern matches up between the front/back and arms?
Any help much appreciated

You can have the RS or WS on the outside when knitting in the round. If the WS is outside, just flip it inside out.

Rather than slipping the sts onto a circular needle, it’s probably easier to just knit them onto it and that way the RS will be facing out. So work the 43 sts of the left sleeve, then 21 on the front, 20 sts, then 21 sts on the other front, 43 from the other sleeve and finally the 62 back stitches. The next couple rounds will secure the body and sleeve sts while decreasing the stiches.

It may be easier to hold the needles if you keep the RS on the outside when knitting in the round and it may make some of the instructions easiert to follow, especially as the yoke narrows. From the way the parts are placed on the needle it sounds like you’re starting at the join between the back and the left sleeve which is a fine place to join.
Count forward from the pattern on the back to see if you line up correctly over the sleeves and with the front pattern. If the pattern doesn’t exactly match up, you can decrease or increase sts to make the front, back and sleeves align.
Can you post a pattern link?

Thank you so much for your advice, I am not sure if I have attached the link correctly but the above is a web link for the pattern Rowan Smalt

Thanks, it’s always nice to see what it should look like, and pictures can also help show [I]you[/I] what you should be doing.

One thing confuses me though - you seem to have a L and R front and a middle front too?
“21 sts from left front, 20 sts from front, 21 sts from right front”

Maybe all 62 front stitches are held on one holder together though, rather than on individual ones.

Yes they were all on the same holder, I had to shape either side of the front by adding extra rows, so ended up with the front in 3 parts.