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Well atm am knitting a jumper for my fiance and i am having a bit of trouble understanding the pattern. I am knitting the bergere de france 176.06 the shawl collar jacket if anyone else as the pattern??

Basically i have no idea on what do do:
14 sts Cable A inc 1 st on 1st row (= work from st 2 to st 15 on chart), 2 sts St-St, 7 sts Patt Rib, 2 sts St-St, 15 sts Cable A inc 3 sts on 1st row, 15 sts Cable B inc 3 sts on 1st row, 2 sts St-St, 7 sts Patt Rib, 2 sts St-St, 14 sts Cable B inc 1 st on 1st row (= work from St 1 to St 14 on chart)

So if anyone can put it into simpler terms i would really appreciate it thank you :smiley:

This sounds like the set-up row for the pattern. They’re telling you where to place the cables and ribs that will continure up the sweater. The total is 80sts and it seems that you increase 8sts over that on this first row only. Does the pattern give numbers for total sts at the end of the row? (There may also be edge sts that you haven’t included.)
You would follow the set up, reading the patterns for the cable from the charts and working the rib pattern with 2sts in stockinette between most of these. It will help if you put in markers on either side of the cables at least for the first several rows, until the pattern becomes easy to see. Then you won’t get to the end of row one with extra sts or not enough.
Just work across each cable as given in the chart for row 1, increaseing the given number of sts as you work the sts.

Hey there!

I’m casting this on today…Hopefully we can help one another…it is a difficult pattern to understand!!

Good Luck and Happy knitting!!
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Bergere de France sometimes takes it for granted that you get the idea of the sweater and once they’ve placde the charts, they can leave you on your own. So it can be confusing. If you do run into problems, you know where to come and ask questions.