I’m knitting a yarn basket ornament with the instructions

  1. cast on 19 sts
    2)Marking first row as the right side, work in seed st until peice measures 2 1/2"
    3)Bind off first 8 sts
    4)continue in pattern over next 3 sts
    Heres where i’m confused
    5)Bind off remaining 8 stitches, join yarn to remaining 3 sts and work even until handle reaches 4"
    How am i supposed to bind off the the 8th st if i still need the yarn and how do i join the yarn to the remaining three sts?

Thanks! Kayley

I’d bind off the first 8, work the 3 handle stitches and finish the row with the other 8. Then I’d bind off 8 and have the yarn there for the handle.

If it bothers you to have one side a row longer than the other, you can follow the directions and bind off the second 8 when you do the first. You’d then cut the yarn and start knitting the handle stitches only. You can snug up and weave in the tail later. Just start knitting with the yarn. If you like, you can knit the first stitch with the tail and main yarn held together.