So, I want to knit a scarf, and I know what type of yarn I want: Cascade Pastaza Paints: You can view it here. I want either the Paradise Beach or Flower Forest. I was wondering which one you think is better (I know Paradise Beach is sold out, but I know another website selling it). I’m leaning toward Flower Forest, but I really don’t know yet. Please help!!!

Picking a yarn is very personal - what one person likes another won’t. So I think you need to just make up your mind. Or buy both!!!

Alright, thanks! Oh and do you know any websites that show what the yarn looks like when it is knitted?? I know what the Paradise Beach yarn looks like knitted, but I can’t find the Flower Forest yarn knitted.

Check into joining ravelry(.com); they have a huge database of yarns and patterns and people post their FOs with various yarns there. Look under Yarns, search for these, then click on Projects and you’ll see what they look like in an item.