not long knitting and it shows, ime stuck on a pattern for a flower, cant get my head around it,if some one could help i would be forever gratefull.
its the second row:K2,*K1, SL this st back on to the left needle,this part i can do the rest is where i get stuck, it is as follows: pass next 8sts over the top of this st and off the needle,(yo)twice, could any one explain it to me tnks.

After you knit the stitch and slip it back to the left needle, put your right needle through the second st on the left needle as if to purl it and lift it over the first st (the slipped stitch) and off the needle. Then repeat this 7 more times. Just keep lifting the next st on the left needle over that first slipped st until you’ve lifted 8sts over.
After the yarn over twice, what are the next directions?

K the first stich again, K2, rep from * to end. and thanks that makes it clearer to me