I can’t figure out the correct way to undo an ask. I know how to tink and know to put L needle in stitch below and get the stitches back on my needle. But then what? Are they crossed? Do they just need untwisted? Are there any videos showing how to undo an ask?

Yes, untwist each st individually. They were twisted when you slipped them one at a time.

Oh Thanks so much!
I saw one place on the internet where it said to go into the back of those 2 stitches, but still said you have to untwist them. Is that correct? When I did mine I went into the front like knit tinking.
There are tons of videos on doing an SSK. I wish I could find one for undoing it!

I slip the sts knitwise one by one. To take the ssk out, I go into the back of the sts but once on the left needle, they still have to be untwisted.

OK, I think I’ve got it! I’m going to practice with a practice piece. In the scarf I’m working on I keep making the same mistake right before an SSK! Need to get proficient at fixing them!
Thanks again! Chris
Still wishing I could find a youtube video on this!