The pattern has a part where it says K12, ssk, K1 but i have 20 stitches. Is something wrong or do i keep knitting untill all 20 stiches is together

If you could type out the line exactly as it appears, and say how many sts you start with and are supposed to end with, it would be helpful. Or link to the pattern or a picture.

heel flap
(RS): knit all 20 sts.
(WS): purl all 20 sts.
Repeat these last two rows until you have worked a total of 20 rows. turning the heel

Turning the Heel
Row 1 (RS): k12, ssk, k1
Row 2 (WS): sl 1 (wyif), p5, p2tog, p1 Row 3: sl 1 (wyib), k6, ssk, k1
Row 4: sl 1 (wyif), p7, p2tog, p1
Row 5: sl 1 (wyib), k8, ssk, k1
Row 6: sl 1 (wyif), p9, p2tog, p1
Row 7: sl 1 (wyib), k10, ssk
Row 8: sl 1 (wyif), p10, p2tog
Row 9: knit across (12 sts remain)
You did it! See, that wasn’t so bad! You can now be bothered, again.

[I]Row 1 (RS): k12, ssk, k1[/I]

Now I get what you’re asking! You’re making your heel turn. You’ll just work that row, then turn at the end of it and the rest of the rows, then follow the rest of the directions for your sock…

One more questons. When you say work that row, I keep going knitting on the first row even tho it doesnt say to keep knitting? or do i start the second row where the first end stops?

Okay, I see, it’s a short row heel. Just k12, ssk k1 then turn and do the WS as written over 9 sts, the dec will make it 8 sts; turn and work row 3 over 10 sts and you have 9 left, turn and row 4 on 10 sts, leaving 9. The ssk and p2tog will be using one stitch from the set of sts you’ve been working on and one from the remaining stitches.

You’re going to turn your work and do the opposite side where the directions tell you to. You’re going to have unworked stitches at both the left and right sides of the work. That’s okay. Just leave them alone. You’ll come back to them later. When you do this right, your knitting will look like a triangle, getting less and less with each row. After you’ve finished this, you will add more stitches to get back to your original stitch count. Your work is going to look like an hour glass but joined at the ends. It’s going to form a little cup that will fit around your heel.

Knitting patterns usually don’t tell you this. When you’ve finished with the heel turn and join it with the other stitches back in the round, you will have a gap between them. Pick up two stitches or so to cover this hole. Gently take these picked up stitches off the right needle, rotate them, and place them back on. This will hide the hole. On the next round or two, you will decrease at this spot until you’re back to your original stitch count. You will need to pick up stitches at both the left and right sides of the heel turn at these two gaps.

////(unworked stitches top of foot)(gap)\\\(heel turn)__(gap)

Sorry I missed your question last night. To see a heel turn in work take a look at this page. Kelleys heel turn is smaller than yours, but it’s the same principle.

Have fun with your socks!