Hi, I am working a chevron lace pattern and in the last row I completed (a ws purl row) I seem to have dropped a stitch. Now what??? Thanks!

One of the best things you learn is how to pick up dropped stitches.

Scroll down on this page to fixing mistakes and there’s a video on fixing a dropped stitch.

In that same section of videos is one on adding in a lifeline. It won’t help with the current dropped st but it may be useful in recovering from future mistakes.

I think I may not have explained my mistake properly, as the videos recommended were not solutions for the error I created. Let me try again. I am working a lace pattern with a row of 87 stitches. I count my stitches after each row is completed. I was just doing a row of all purl stitches and when I finished I counted 86 instead of 87. What did I do and can I correct it. Since this was the first row I didn’t come up with 87 I am assuming I just made the error. Please help!!!

There’s really no way for us to know for sure what you did. It’s likely you dropped a stitch or you might possibly have knit two together (k2tog) when you weren’t supposed to.

If there is a point where you can increase a stitch without it showing or affecting the next row I think that’s what I’d do.

I can only guess, without seeing the pattern or your work in progress. I’ve learned from my limited experience that when I lose or gain a stitch on a purl row, I’ve made a mistake on the knit row beneath it. Take a look at all of your YO, K2TOG, SSK, [k1, YO] segments, etc. in the knit row beneath this purl one. You’ll probably find it there, and you may be able to correct the mistake as the others have mentioned or by knitting backward and fixing it.

Once you find and correct it, using stitch markers going forward can help you keep track of how many stitches you should have in each repeat. You can count each repeat before working the next one, and it makes counting the whole row before turning much easier. It’s the only way I can keep from being a stitch off…:shrug:

Good luck! :hug:

Without seeing your knitting there’s no way for us to say what happened except you may have lost or dropped a YO, or did too many decs. Go back to the previous pattern row and instead of counting the sts, [I]name[/I] them - edge st, yo 3 Ks, yo, 1 K, yo, 2 decreases, and so on. You figure out pretty fast where you got off. Then mark it and work to that spot and fix it - either lift the yarn between the sts where the YO should have been, or take out the decrease. You can’t just increase a st any place with a lace pattern, that’ll really muck it up.

Okay, the mistake seems to have occured in row 6 or 7 of the pattern below. row 6 is the lace pattern, row 7 is all purl stitches.

Row 6: K2, *[yo, ssk] twice, k3, [k2tog, yo] twice, k1; rep from

  • to last st, k1.

I have never ripped out stitches before, I am afraid I will drop more if I try. I am quite certain the mistake occured in row 6, I just don’t know where.
I may just try to take the last 2 rows off the needle…

Yes it was probably row 6, I tend to add a YO or forget the k2tog. You don’t have to rip out. Find the missing stitch by naming them as I suggested earlier, starting at the beginning of the row and see where the mistake is. Put a marker in the stitch or place where it’s missing from and unpurl row 7 till you get to the marker. Then turn your work so the RS is facing you and fix it.