I am new to reading patterns:My patterns next line read K4, (k1, kfb) 33 (38,43,48)times, k5 - 107 (122,137,155) sts. And the person that usually helps me is not home. Can anyone help.

Knit 4 sts, then k1 and then knit into the front and back of the next st. Repeat the (k1, kfb) 33 times for the smallest size (numbers in parentheses apply to other sizes). Finish up with knit 5 sts. Total numbers of sts for the various sizes are given. Again the smallest size is 107 total sts with the other sizes in parentheses.
I don’t know why the totals for the sts are coming up one st short in each case. See if the totals makes sense further along in the pattern.