I am knitting A moss stitch set for baby and am stumped I shaped the armholes now it says to break wool. Leave these 57 sts on a thread.SLEEVES:cast on 33st.
my problem is not sure what they mean by break but leave on thread.

It means to cut your yarn and put the sleeve sts on a holder or some scrap yarn. You’re done with that one and go on to cast on for the next piece.

thank you suzeeq, i dont know why they dont stick to the same lingo in the whole pattern lol they say to use a stitch holder later but not here that is how i got stuck. thanks again.

Usually sleeve sts are put on yarn as a stitch holder because it’s more flexible so you can continue working on the rest of the sweater. The terminology will differ too according to the age of the pattern and its country of origin or whether it’s translated.