Evening all.
I am teaching myself to knit and am an absolute novice. I have mastered a few different stitches, can cast on and off and am begining to recognise some of the terminology.
Ive successfully made a pair of booties. I wont be winning any awards for them but I made them so Im pleased.
Ive started a baby ballerina style sweater. Ive done the back and am now on the left front piece.
I am being driven to despair / drink by ‘turn work’. I know I have to physicaly turn the work around but do I do the next stitches listed in reverse or exactly as described?
The patern is -
K1, SL 1, YO, TURN, SL 1, K1
K2, SL 1, YO, TURN, SL 1, K2
K3, SL 1, YO, TURN, SL 1, K3
K2, SL 1, YO, TURN, SL 1, K2
K1, SL 1, YO, TURN, SL 1, K1

Now, bearing in mind I am a novice and have a swiss cheese pregnancy brain do I -

Knit 1, Slip 1, Put the yarn over first stitch on right needle and knit a stitch, Turn work around, Slip a stich to other needle then knit a stitch as I would on the right side? Do I need to knit the stitches on the turned side in reverse because they are going to be on the back of the work?
Ive possibly looked at every video on you tube and googled the life out of it but im still unclear.

Hope it all makes sense.
Apologies for rambling on, its driving me crackers :slight_smile:

Do the sts as written. There are actually 2 rows for every line -

1- K1, SL 1, YO, TURN,
2- SL 1, K1
3- K2, SL 1, YO, TURN,
4- SL 1, K2
and so on. You’ll always be slipping the YO after you turn, and will knit the rest of the sts

Also, when you do the yo, bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle and around again between the needles to the front. Now when you turn, the yarn will be in the back, ready to knit after the slipped st and the yo won’t seem so loose and floppy.

Are you having a baby soon or do you just have that kind of mind???


Thankyou - its starting to make sense.

So when I turn, do the SL 1 then K1 do I need to turn back again or continue on the same row?

Thank you, would I just leave that yarn there and continue to turn or do I do a stitch? Does YO mean you wind the thread around and do stitch or you just YO and continue with next instruction?

After the sl1 k1 and also after the sl1 k2 you’re at the end of the instructions for that row, so turn.
Yo is just putting the yarn over the needle or over and around the needle. It doesn’t use a stitch and it doesn’t mean to work a st after it. In your case it will be easier to deal with the turn and the sl1 if you bring the yarn over and around again to the front. That way it’s in the correct position after the turn and ready for the next row and the yarn isn’t as loose on the needle.
The little balerina sweaters are very cute. Good luck with yours.