:knitting: How many inches is 64 rows in a K1, P1 pattern

It all depends on the yarn and the size of the needles you are using. The larger the ‘equipment’, the larger the end result.:sun:

Let’s start with this: What are you trying to make? What kind of yarn and what needles are you using?

Does the pattern give a gauge? That’s how many rows per inch or 4" you would get [B]if[/B] you get the same gauge as the pattern. Otherwise, it depends on how many rows per inch [B]you[/B] get when you knit the ribbing.

…and yes indeed, it not only depends on the yarn and needles you are using, but it also depends on your experience and thus the consistency of your gauge.

64 rows is the same “tallness” whether you’re knitting K1P1 rib or stocking stitch. On average, using a worsted weight yarn, using an average needle (US8)…64 rows is gonna measure 5" tall.

Huh, 5 inches? I thought the usual row gauge for stockinette on size 8s is more like 7 rows/inch, so that would be about 9". Your 5" would be 12½ rows per inch or so.

Welllllll…I looked at the “row gauge” given in my MissBB pattern.
It is knit with worsted wt yarn, and uses a US8 needle.

The row gauge given in the pattern states: 24rows=4".

Let me work this out again. Maybe I misstated the inches.
So, 6 rows would equal 1".

64 rows divided by 6 is 10.66.


At the gauge given in my MissBB pattern…64 rows of st st would measure 10.66" tall.

Well, I think that is right.

So 5" was wrong. :wall:Doh.

UGH! So much math involved… And my daughter thinks that only old grannies without a thought in their heads knit. :aww: