I was reading thro the 5 ways you can help sticky and i thought id bring this to everyones attention…

[QUOTE]Also, I was wondering if perhaps you could design a bumper sticker and have those available in your store. I would LOVE to have a knitting help sticker to put on my car and/or laptop.

THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!! I would SOOO buy some of those…even other stuff… like buttons and stitch markers and T SHIRTS i would buy tshirts too… well lemme ask some other folks.[/QUOTE]

I wonder if some folks could help make some stuff in intrest of advertising KH website (with Sheldon and Amy’s ok) and donate it for sale or something like that. Or if you own a printing shop that could make bumper stickers you could get a design and give them an AMAZING deal (if not donate them)on printing them up. Sheldon could put the name of your printing shop and you could get advertisement too…

Also just in case you havent read the sticky…

If you are going to go to “Knit Picks” or any other advertised company here…come here first and then go to these places thro the links provided here. You will be helping KH out. NO REALLY. Just by clicking on the links here.

Im just throwing that out.


I would personally LOVE to have a KNITTINGHELP.COM bumper sticker!
My Honda Odyssey would wear it with pride!

I don’t do bumper stickers, but I would definitely get a T-shirt!