i want to knit the short jacket 1228 on page 4 of Gedifra Moments 0206. i am having problems understanding the instructions. can anyone help me???

Please write out just the instructions your having problems with (not the whole pattern) and we’ll see if we can help.

Method: Back: work crossways from center back to outer edge.
cast on 28 sts. with a smooth auxiliary yarn, then with the original yarn cont in seed st. first for right half of back. When work measures 16 cm dec at the left edge for shoulder 1 st once, then 1 st on every 2nd row 9 times as foll: work to 3 from end of row then work 2 tog in patt edge st. At the same time, when work measures 19 cm after 1st dec at left edge,k bind off at right edge for armhole shaping 2 sts once then 2 sts on every 2nd row another 8 times. For left half of back remove the auxiliary yarn and pick up the ssts., then with the original yarn work in reverse to right half, thus for shoulder work 2 sts. tog in patt after edge st.

what do the numbers around the edge mean?

First the easy question - the numbers around the edges are the measurements, probably in centimeters since the pattern is in centimeters, for each part of the sweater.

When you’re knitting the back, you start in the middle (the spine area) and your rows are going neck to hem of the sweater. When you’re done with the left side, you pull out your cast-on row (the “smooth auxiliary yarn”) and start knitting from the spine out for the right side. It’s an unusual way to put together a sweater. Does this give you enough information to get started?

yes, thank you very much.