Can someone please read these instructions and tell me what it means where it indicates to: CONTINUE ON THESE STITCHES UNTIL THE PIECE MEASURES 42-44-46 CM… Does this mean to start again with the 2 st inc or does it mean to continue only with the 1 st inc until the piece reaches it’s measurement?

Slippers: The slipper is knit in one piece, beginning at one side of ankle, down under foot, up to other side of ankle, with a seam down the top of foot and at center back. Loosely cast on 21-22-23 sts and knit stockinette st. When the piece measures 20-20-22 cm cast on sts for foot at one side every other row: 2 sts 5-6-7 times and 1 st 3-3-2 times = 34-37-39 sts. Continue on these sts until the piece measures 42-44-46 cm – place a marker, this is the center of the sole. Continue until the sole measures the same from the marker as from the end of incs up to marker on first side. Now dec (at the same edge as you previously increased) every other row: 1 st 3-3-2 times and 2 sts 5-6-7 times = 21-22-23 sts. Bind off when piece measures 84-88-92 cm.

It means to continue without any further increases until the piece measures the length for your size.

THANK YOU INGRID. I was doing it all wrong and it sure was looking that way! I appreciate your help very much!