I’ve looked at the pictures and read the how to’s, and I’m having so much trouble understanding on how to knit. I know you go back and forth, but how do you make something out of it? I’m so lost. Please send me in the right direction on how to knit. :thumbsup:

Did you look at the video of Demo of a small project? That shows how you put together the cast on, alternating knit and purl rows then binding off. You make something by following a pattern, or you can just cast on about 20 sts and keep knitting rows until it’s a square, or if you knit long enough it can be a scarf.

Hi gvgirl,

I’m brand new to knitting too, at the moment I can only cast on and do a knit stitch. I was unsure how it all works too, but if you just learn the stitches and keep practicing them, you’ll soon learn how it all works.

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It took me 3 separate tries within 20 years to learn so don’t fret about not getting it right away. Just keep with it and you will figure it out. Any knitting groups in your area? The videos here are really helpful.

I’ve taught (if you can call it that) both of my kids - my son (11yo) can cast on great but will only knit a row (or 2 if I’m lucky) before he quits, my daughter (16yo) has me cast on and knits (somewhat backwards IMO) until her hands hurt, although she “doesn’t like to knit” but is making a scarf for her very good friend and another for his mom.

Keep it up and the lightbulb will shine bright.


Let’s say you cast on 20 stitches. You knit the rows back and forth, and as you do it, you’ll find a strip of “fabric” growing. The more rows you knit, the longer your strip. If you keep going long enough, you’ll have a scarf. If you had cast on more stitches, your strip would be wider, and if you cast on fewer sts, it will be more narrow.

That’s your basic rectangle. You can make many things out of some rectangles. If you make 2 big squares and 2 long rectangles, you can sew them together to make a sweater: the squares will be your back and front, and the 2 rectangles folded over the long way will make sleeves.

But there are also things that need more shaping-- and your 4-rectangle sweater will need a little bit of shaping at the neck, too. This is done by adding or taking away stitches, which is called increasing and decreasing. You can also do things like, instead of finishing a row, you stop in the middle of it and turn back. These are called short rows and are how you make the curved heel of a sock.

You can also knit things “in the round” on circular or double pointed needles, which creates tubes, big ones like the body of a sweater, or little ones, like socks.

Knitting is like sewing, except instead of cutting the pieces out of cloth, you’re actually making the fabric yourself and shaping it as you go, stitch by stitch.