What are some of the best fabrics
my friend wants a purple scarf or a green scarf but i need help finding the perfect fabric!!! PLEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSEEEEEEE HELPPPP

thanks as always disneyluva49 :sun:

Huh? :?? What do you mean fabric? Do you mean stitch? :??

If it’s yarn you’re looking for, try this one in Boreal: that way she’ll have both purple and green. I just got this for a Christmas present for my partner’s sister, because she also loves both colors.

yarn thats what i meaN

The nice thing about that yarn is that it’s very bulky, so it knits up in no time.

There is no one best yarn. It’s really a very personal choice. If it’s needed for warmth then wool or a wool blend would be good. If it’s more for looks then an any yarn will work. If she’s allergic to wool or has very sensitive skin and doesn’t like itchy it’s better to stay away from wool. Do you have a pattern in mind and do you know what weight yarn it takes?

Plymouth Encore in worsted or chunky are both good and have a lot of color choicies. It’s also pretty affordable.