I’m a beginner knitter. I need help with a hat pattern, please!
Using No. 10 needle cast on 37 stitches.

K 6 rows. K1 YO, k2tog;repeat across row (37 stitches).

Knit every row until 4" from cast on row.

Knit across 12 sts., put these 12 on a piece of yarn or DP needle. Knit across 14 sts, put remaining sts on yarn or DP needle.
Turn. k2tog, Knit to end of row, Knit 1 stitch from stitches on yarn or DP needle; repeat this one row until center 14 sts. remain. Break yarn. I DID ALL OF THIS OKAY THIS IS WHERE I AM CONFUSED!!

With no. 6 needle, starting at front edge with yarn. pickup 14 sts.
[COLOR=“Red”][COLOR=“red”]I STILL HAVE THE 14 STS ON MY NO. 10 NEEDLE HOW DO I PICK UP 14 STS? ARE THESE NEW STS. OR ARE THEY THE SAME 14 I HAVE ALREADY?[/COLOR] WHAT DO I DO HERE?[/COLOR] k2tog across back sts. (to make 7 sts). Pick up 14 sts. other side (35 sts.) Knit back. YO, k2tog; repeat across row. Knit back, knitting YO’s. Bind off with No. 10 needle
Please explain, I’m so confused. Thank you

Those would be new sts. There’s a video on how to pick up on the Tips page, 3/4 of the way down. If you have a link to the pattern or a picture, we could probably be more specific.