I’ve been looking for Celtic knitting patterns. In particular a pattern called Shannon. I have been unable to find it. If you could help me in any way with this pattern or other celtic patterns it would be greatly appreciated.


Hello! Is this for a cabled sweater? If so, is it a pullover or a cardigan? Even if you aren’t able to find that particular one, there are a lot of free sweater patterns out there that might fit. Can you give a bit more of a description?

Actually, is this the one you’re looking for?

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It would help if you could be more specific like whether it’s a sweater, shawl, hat, etc. Also including links is helpful too if you have them.

I got a bunch of hits by using the search term “shannon” in Ravelry, but I need you to narrow it down.

I can give you celtic patterns if you can clarify a bit.