Hi. I’m new and I have a problem with my project.
I started crocheting a rug and the stitching became uneven. Now it’s warped. What can I do?

Can someone help this new forum member?

Can you tell us a little about your pattern or maybe post a picture?
I’m new to crochet as well…just about 4 months…it’s probably something very simple…don’t give up…just hang in there…someone will be able to help you! I’ll certainly try. Sometimes it take a while to get your tension just right.
Merry :slight_smile:

Exactly what Merry said…a picture, or the instructions for the part of the pattern you are having trouble with would be very helpful in figuring out the problem.

Is the project worked in the round or back and forth? What stitch are you using? It could be that your hook is too big or too small and you need to adjust that to get the right tension. You may be missing the last stitch on each row or picking up extra stitches along the way. So many things could be causing the problem, so the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to help you through it…which we will!

Don’t give up!



Melandblossom, welcome to the KH forum!

For your uneven stitches and warped fabric, I was thinking like Merry and Mary Grace (MGM) said, it is probably your tention. We do need more information about the rug pattern and how your fabric is uneven and warping to determin what is likely to be (rather than what might be) causing it.

In general, here are some answers to the FAQ about uneaven stitches and warped fabric.

If you hold your working yarn similar to the knitting style show by Amy on the KH videos, you may have too tight tention or guage.
You can easily modify that hold to loosen your tension by simply weaveing the working yarn (over, under) your left hand fingers [B]with out wraping it[/B] around your pinky.

Some hooks are tapered (Boye) while others are not (Bates), if your hook has a tapered head be sure to push it through to the full sized shaft on every loop to maintain a consistent loop size (and tension).

Could be hook size too small for your yarn weight (thinkness or “standard ply” weight/count).

Warped fabric is sometimes what the pattern is intended to produce (but this is not likely for a rug).

Uneven stitches could be from unintended increases or decreases.

Uneven stitches could be from completing stitches incorrectly.

With crochet, there is a distinct [B][U]difference between US and UK/Aus/NZ terminology[/U][/B].
A US slip stitch is a UK single crochet,
A SC in US is DC in UK terms, etc. (see the bottom left section of the chart at the above link.)

Uneven tension will improve with practice. Swatch it. Make a swatch of 5 rows of 20 stitches of each of these stitches: SC, HDC, DC, and Tr. Repetition of the same stitch will help to build consistent tension or guage.

If the rug is worked in the round, you may be missing the “turning chain” which raises the hook to the top of the next round (with or without turning our work) and often counts as the first stitch of the new round. This is one source of unintended increases.

Missing the last stitch of flat, back and forth rows is a common source of unintended decreases.

(I may have to proof read this later to see if I typed what I actually wanted to express.) :wink:

[B][U]Stitch height and Turning Chains[/U][/B] (How many chains to start next row or round) from Craft Yarn Council (Knit911 & crochet911).

[B][U]How to Read Crochet Patterns[/U][/B] (from Yarn Standards)

Good luck, melandblossom, with your crocheting! I hope you find something to help you in all that I typed above.

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]