I’ve never had a “skein” of yarn like the 2 skeins I got of the Shepherd socks by Lorna’s Laces. I made a real mess and FINALLY got 1 into a ball. How do I make sure I can get it , um, balled…the next time?? :wink:

do you have a swift? i would guess the problem came in it getting tangled out of the hank? if you don’t have a swift then you are going to have to find something to put it around when you are winding. I use to use the screen on my laptop so i could wind whilest talking to all of you. back of a chair works, hands of a kid/spouse/so being held hostage works too.

pretty much anything that will keep the hank from pulling itself into a tangled mess really.

oooh!! No, I don’t have a swift…I’ve never had to use one because I always get the pull out balls from what I can remember!! I’ll just wrap it around the screen!! Thanks!! :thumbsup:

if you don’t want to get a swift, ask them if they will wind it for you at the store…most will!

LOL, the ‘swift’ that I use is the back to my computer chair…perfect fit for every hank I’ve come upon…thus far :wink: