>=[ help!

I was in the middle of knitting a scarf and the thread between the ball of yarn and the half-finished scarf snapped. How do I continue from where I left off? Or are there any other options that I can do (as in, starting the other half and attaching the two)? I was really far along and I don’t want to have to start all over again :gah:

I would just start knitting from where the yarn snapped on the ball. Leave a few inches of yarn. When you’re done, take a yarn needle and weave in the couple of inches of yarn that you left hanging. Hope that helped. :slight_smile:

I would unknit a few stitches or a row if it isn’t too long and do a join like I was starting with a new ball of yarn. You can weave the ends in later.

Hope that works!


depending on how long it is unknit a couple of stiches and tie it together then keep goin as normal. I’ve had this happen and yes it sucks (especially when it’s hyper sensative wool that likes doing nasty things like that and I like to pull on the yarn).

Basically everyone is right. Just pretend you’re starting a brand-new ball of yarn.

I’m a little different from the others in how I join yarn ends… I’m what they call a Knotter: tie the two ends together. Then weave both ends into your project.

My reasoning? Better safe than sorry. I’ve never had a knot give way, no matter how heavily-used the item is. And a scarf gets a lot of tugging and pulling. So do socks. The center back of a sweater? This may be one example where I’d be a tad more comfortable not-Knotting.

But I still opt for better-safe-than-sorry.

There are a lot of other folks who hate the idea of a lumpy knot in the middle of their item. So going knot-less seems to work okay for them.

It’s basically a matter of personal preference, I guess.

Hope this helps,