I’m a novice knitter,and I really love it. I finished my first project(dishcloth) and bought a book on different dishcloths. I started a easy one and ran into trouble when it said (rightside) I knitted the first 4 rows and went to my fifth row and did 4 knit stitches and then needed to make a purl stitch and it wasn’t coming off the needle right and I know it has to do with the instruction (right side). Pleeze HELP I can’t go any further til I figure this out. Thanks, curiousknitter

When a pattern says right side, it’s just telling you that row is going to be the right side (RS). It doesn’t mean you make the sts any different. So k4, purl as usual.

Are you confused about changing from a knit stitch to a purl stitch? If so, you just need to bring the yarn to the front of the needle before you do the purl stitch, then take the yarn to the back to do a knit stitch.