My cat’s won’t stop sitting on my counters! I clean them and then they decide to sit on them. Does anyone know how to get them to stop? Thanks!

The first thing that comes to mind is the method of putting pieces of tape (sticky side up) on the counter. When they jump up there, the tape will stick to them and they’ll hate it. After a few times of this they’ll get the hint and stay away.

Uhh… I’ve never found a way to keep cats off the counter. I just clean them before I use them. :shrug:

my DF had a sort of motion sensor thing that sprayed water at them when they did it…

I’m with Jan…lol…Maybe try spraying them with a water bottle or something? My cats don’t care so I’m always wiping down the counters. I have a spray bottle of bleach water I’m constantly cleaning the counters with.

This is what I do.

I know a lot of people use water in a spray bottle, but I don’t do that because I have laminate floors and if water gets on them they get slippery. I’d rather clean the counter than constantly have to be after the cat and clean up the floor before someone breaks their neck.

Im the same we have tiled floors here and it would be like an ice skating ring lol. Right now all my cats are seperated out as we have un snipped gurkys and boys. But as a genreal rule they are allowed everywhere and anywhere in the house as i cant stop them.

I am seriously thinking of a run with acess to one or two rooms when my new place is built. Just so i have some furniture left (i have a lotta cats).

somepeople have tried lemon peal, to me that sounds a tad um, silly. but i have read it worked once, but more often than not it failed

You know that old expression that “dogs have masters, cats have servants”? Well guess what girl, you’re a servant. Just grab the cleaner and wipe away. I’ve never known any ‘cure’ for that problem to work long term. They just jump up when you’re not home. :cool:

When my cat was younger he used to climb on top of the cooker and try and lick any spills when it was still on, until he singed his whiskers, then he stopped…
Our cat is 12 now and isn’t that agile, but he used to be all over the place, we used to have to hide stuff in the microwave before we went to bed as you’d get up in the morning to find lick marks in the butter etc. He also liked throwing things on the floor, then looking over the edge to see what happened. One of our metal tea-pots was permanently bent and the lid leaked after he threw it on the floor (when full of course).
We pretty much gave up trying to keep him off, we just made sure everything he was interested in was well out of his reach. Now he’s old and fat he doesn’t do it any more!

Trade them for dogs – if you can get anyone to trade.

You could try pieces of the clear vinyl carpet protector runners placed with the gripper side facing upward. That’s what I’ve heard suggested by Warren Eckstein who hosts The Pet Show on the radio each week. His web address is and he answers questions there as well on his weekly show.

you’re fighting a losing battle. resistance is futile :teehee:

Duck sauce. :mrgreen:

I used to just knock the cat off the counter and tell her no in a loud voice. She learned in under a week. Of course I’m not a cat person so I used the same method I’ve used on my horses and dogs.

:yay: :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I have them on my furniture (unfortunate accident on brand new sofa:nails: ) now I just keep them on to be safe.
I use a spray bottle- they know what happens now so I just have to shake it and they stop whatever it is they are doing.
I have heard aluminum foil will work too.