Hi all, I am new to knitting and have this beautiful afghan pattern. My problem is with reading the pattern. Can someone tell me how to read this pattern, when it says “repeat these rows”, does this mean to repeat the knit one row, purl one row, pattern row or does it mean to just repeat the pattern row? Also, does anyone know what “WF” means?

  1. Knit one row.
  2. Purl one row.
  3. Pattern Row: K1, K2 together, K6, WF K1, WF K6, K2 together twice, K6, WF K1, WF K6, K2 together, K1)
  4. Keep repeating these rows until you reach your desired length.

You will repeat all 3 rows. As for WF, I don’t know. Usually in a pattern, they will tell you what abbreviations mean at the beginning (or end) of the pattern. If it’s from a book or magazine, they will often have a page for abbreviations used.

Just by reading the pattern, I would think it would be kind of like a yarn over, but really not sure. Someone else here might be better able to answer you.

Wool Forward or YO(yarnover)

Means to bring the yarn to the front, thus adding a stitch and giving it a lacy appearance.

Thank you so much, I am so happy that I found this forum and to actually get an answer.

Again, thank you all so much :hug:

[B]Sweatpea:[/B] This sounds like a really nice afghan pattern. Is there any way you could private message the pattern to me? I am thinking of making an afghan in the winter. I will need to know what yarn is recommended and how many stitches to cast on. Also I noticed that you have a closing bracket but not an opening bracket in the pattern on row #3. Where does the opening bracket belong? Thanks so much!