I am doing a pattern, I had to cast on 178. Then in row one P1;p3tog; in next stitch work (k1,p1,k1); rep from* to last st; p1.

I don’t understand this in next stitch work (k1,p1,k1). Do I do this st in the same one after I do the p3tog. If this is the case I end up with 3 st but it does not make since I do not end with a purl???

Please help.

Ok, the pattern:

[B]R1:[/B] P1, P3tog, (repeat across row) --the P3tog is a decrease–end with K1
[B]R2:[/B] (k1?) KPK in one stitch (repeat across row) the KPK is an increase(and the row end with a K1?)

(i am guessing about the K1, but i suspect the there is a knit one between the KPK (increase)

in [B]R1[/B], 3 stitches become 1
in [B]R2[/B], 1 stitch becomes 3.

its sounds harder than it is.
and there are sublte ‘cheats’ to make it easier.

What is required is 3 new stitches where there is now 1 stitch

1- Knit into stitch, but don’t let it drop of left needle, then purl into the same stitch, but don’t let it drop of needle then
knit into the stitch one more time! (3 stitch on right needle!)
now let the 1 stitch on left needle fall off.

2–(EASIER) Knit into stitch, but don’t let it fall off needle
make a Yarn Over on the needle, then knit into the stitch again. 3 stitches on right needle! Now let the 1 stitch on left needle fall off.

the result is sort of like a star or flower… (the 3 stitches come to a point (like 3 petals) in the P3tog, and then 3 new stitches arise from the same point, (3 more petals)

[B]method 1[/B] results in a very tight center point

–[B]method 2[/B] you have to take care not to make the yarn over too loose, or the pattern loses defination… (you won’t see the star/flower motif as clearly)

Except that the decreases and increases are all done in the same row.

Start out, p1, p3tog, then in the next st knit, purl, and knit all in the one stitch. Use of troy’s method 1, the other way will give a different look to the pattern, probably not the way the designer intended. Basically, you’re decreasing 2 sts, but also increasing 2 sts, so your stitch count stays the same.
Then it says “rep from* to last st” but you didn’t put the * in, so do you just repeat the k3tog, kpk in 1 st, or is the * before the k1?

It is in the p3tog; in next stitch work (k1,p1,k1) then end with p1.

Thank you. This does change the pattern.