AAhhhh What am I doing wrong? I am spinning about lace singles & it just broke? Is there too much twist? I’m doing the park & draft, should I not park anymore & try drafting without parking?
I’m using my new Golding 2" .6oz with merino if that helps

The thinner the yarn you spin, the MORE twist per inch you will need.

Go ahead and try drafting without parking, you can always go back (and switch again) to what works best for you.

If I’m using my spindle and want consistant yarns, I generally park and draft (and I’ve been spindling nearly 10 years.) Admittedly, I spin more often on one of my wheels so am still more comfortable with the P&D

I really want to ‘perfect’ my hand spindle before I even think about learning a wheel b/c 1, they’re more expensive, 2, take more room, 3 look easier & 4 Dh would go nuts b/c we have no room in our home for a wheel-well I could get rid of the love seat, but he doens’t think that’s a good idea. :teehee:

I hated the spindle. HATED. I got my wheel and I love spinning. It was a learning curve, do be sure, but I love it. There are lots of models of wheels that can be folded up and put away when not in use, maybe try one of those?

o you’re such an enabler :rofl: :think: I’ll look into it, but for now I like my hand spindle.

Just doing my best to help the economy!


There are plenty of wheels that fold up and small enough to slip under the bed!

really :think: which ones?

Here’s a page on The Woolery that compares them

(I have a Sonata)

boy y’all are really trying to ‘help’ the economy through my wallet aren’t you. I’d pick the Sonata too. Too bad I’d used my stimulus check to buy a $600 camera - damn. ‘Needed’ that though - with 3 little ones, yup it was a must…pro grade so I don’t have to pay for pics anymore :wink: