Hi, It’s a toddler sweater I’ve already made the back now
I’m working on the left front, and I have this part done up to where the pattern says SHAPE RAGLAN ARMHOLE AND FRONT SLOPE. this is what I need to do next ,but I can’t understand what the pattern is saying to do as in my previous post. thank you for trying to help me

Jo, I read your previous post. Is this a V-neck raglan baby sweater?
Basically, what you need to do now is shape the neck edge and the raglan edge at the same time. On the raglan edge, you will be decreasing one stitch every other row, sounds like on the right-sided rows. At the same time, you need to decrease in the manner they tell you to on the neck side of that piece. It will be a little confusing, as the decreasing doesn’t occur at the same rate on each side.
The best thing to do is get a pencil and paper and write down what you’ve done row by row in order to keep track. It’s not as hard as it sounds, and you’ll see as you go along just what is going on.
You’ll notice that some of the decreases will be done by knitting 2 tog, and the ones on the other side will be done in a psso kind of way. This will result in the the decreases slanting in the correct direction.
I hope this helps a little!


Also, it sounds like you finish the neck-side decreases first and then you’ll just work that side even and only decrease on the raglan slope till you get to the top.