I am working on lionbrand pattern 1194.

I am stuck on row 16-18

I did row 16 then started row 17 and then 18. I did these 2 rows a total of 14 times and did not get the 218 count. Did it twice and still did not get the count.

What am I doing wrong?

Link to pattern -

Is it more or less? For a yo it’s just a wrap around the needle, not a wrap and knit the next stitch, so that may be where you’re off.

On every RS row, you should be doing 8 yos. As long as you had the correct stitch count on row 15, you should have 218 sts after doing rows 17-18 the requisite number of times.

On row 16 there’s dec sts that balance out the YOs, so you end up with the same number of stitches.

Nice pattern. What yarn are you using?

Lionbrand Wool ease chucky

I have the correct number on row15. What I am having trouble with is the number of rows 17 and 18 take.

It says Row 17 and all WS rows to lower band [K1, p1] twice, p1, p to lasst 5 sts. [k1 p1] twice, k1.

Row 18 [K to marker, yo sm, k1, yo] 4 times, k to end, Rep last 2 rows 10 times more working buttonholes when necessary - 218.

What am I not understanding.

How do you do your YOs? Just a wrap or wrap and knit, then slip marker and k1?

yo sm knit 1, is this the way I am suppose to do it?

Yep that’s right.