Hi i need help as i am knitting a openwork shrug and i am stuke
it go’s like
Pattern stitch
row 1 k3,*yo,k2tog; rep from * to last 3 sts,k3
rep row1 for openwork patt
work in garter st (k every row for 1", ending with a ws row change to larger needles and begin openwork pattern.
Begin pattern stitch and work 10 rows
inc row 1: k3,yo, work in patt as estblished to last 3 sts,yo,k3
inc row 2: k3,yo,k1, work in patt as estabished to last 4 sts,yo,k4-48(50,52)sts.
work 12 rows even

Hi and welcome to KH! Can you share the link to the pattern you are working on or the name? Also what part is giving you the trouble? All of the below or just some? :happydance:

My pattern is Katharine Vest in 2008 Spring Interweave Knits Mag.The part that troubles me is where it says [U][I]no stitch [/I][/U]in the chart. I"m new o lace knitting and have not seen this before.

No stitch means there isn’t a stitch there, it’s just there to keep the chart nice and square. Skip over that block and do what’s in the next block on your next stitch.