I’m a newbie and I’m teaching myself to knit. This is my first scarf and I’m having a problem with stitches adding themselves. I originally cast on 24 stitches and have somehow increased to 43. My scarf, however, does not look like it has almost doubled in width. In fact, It doesn’t look like the width has changed at all. I’m just using a garter stitch (the one with just knitting and no purling). I’m sure I’m probably going to have to take it apart, but I was wondering how to prevent this in the future. Even when I’m counting stitches as I go, it seems to stay the same for one row and then 2 get added on the next. I was also wondering if there is a correct way to disasemble my scarf. Any help would be much appreciated, especially in written form as I do not have a computer compatible to watch the tutorials.


The samething happened to me with my very first scarf – I was adding at the ends; that extra loop which would get twisted around and when I’d start knitting, I’d be adding it on the edges.

Unfortunately, disasembling – otherwise known as frogging – means to rip it out and start from scratch.

Mysterious extra stitches are very common among new knitters, so common in fact that we have a sticky thread devoted to it so check that out.

What often happens is you somehow don’t notice that the yarn is in front or between the needles and when you knit with it like that it produces what is called a yarn over (YO). A YO is an increase stitch. This may not be your problem, but it’s something to watch for. Keep the yarn in the back when knitting. It only comes forward between the needles for certain stitches like purling or YO. :thumbsup:

When you first turn your work the first stitch presents itself with what looks like two stitches instead of one. If you knit both of them you will be increasing.

If you will make sure that your yarn is behind the needle at the first stitch of the row, then give it a slight tug to pull the stitch around that extra stitch will disappear. You’ll have no increase.

Another cause of increases is if you split your yarn when making a stitch then the next row mistake that split stitch for two stitches and knit them both.


On the first stitch, if the yarn is up over the top of the needle to the back, it pulls up the stitch so you see both `legs’ of it and makes it look like two sts. Pull the yarn out to the side and it’s in place to make the knit st on the new row.