Hi, I am new to this site and to knitting…so need lots of help…lol
can anyone tell me how to add beads to the cast-on ???
preferred Continental knitting because that is what I am learning at this time:muah:

You would string the amount of beads that are required on your yarn before you start Casting on, then move them one at a time to where they are supposed to be as you are casting on.

Thank you,
where I am have the trouble is after I pull the beads up where they go…If I cast-on the way I normaly do…the yarn from before the beads comes over the to the cast-on after the bead and leave a loop, this is so hard to explain…thank you again for helping

Those might actually resolve themselves with the first row of knitting. Just give it a shot n see what happens.
I should also ask, what is your normal way of casting on?

long tail

try the backwards loop and see if that doesn’t work better.

thank You…I will try that and see what happens…I couldn’t pick an easier pattern…lol