Hi; I am praying there is someone out-there who can help me. Between my slow computer and this knitting project I think I need a drink:) Please I am looking for help with two problems, I am workking on a sweater worked on circular needles 1. how do I prevent twisting, 2. how do I prevent curling at the bottom edge.

I’m waiting

[B][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=blue]Well, in order for the stitches not to be twisted when you join the circle, make sure that your caston stitches are all in a nice row BELOW the needle…and if you don’t want a rolled edge, you’re going to need to start with ribbing or garter-stitch or something OTHER THAN stockinette. There’s a sticky on this subject here on the forums. Are you using a specific pattern, or winging it?[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=seagreen]Here’s that sticky thread… [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=seagreen]I haven’t read it in awhile.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

I’m using a pattern from Interweave Knits winter 00. The pattern instructions are for stockingnette stitch only

[B][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=purple]Do you have a link for the pattern so that I can have a look? [/COLOR][/FONT][/B]
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[B][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=purple]Usually when the sweater is all stockinette, they MEAN for the edge to curl…do they not show it that way?[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

Let me see if I can find and online link, I actually have the book here with me

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=teal]I looked at Interweave Knits’ site, but didn’t see a backissue for that year.[/COLOR][/FONT] there is a photo of the sweater on this page it is at the bottom of the page. It is called Burma Rings, the bottom edge and the sleeves are hemmed picot

the pattern is by Barbara Venishnick. Burma Rings the pattern looks very simple, but I’m just having a heck of a time getting started. Thank you for helping me;)

[COLOR=blue]Aha…you’re using the book [U][B]Best of Interweave Knits?[/B][/U][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]I’ve had that book from the library and liked that sweater myself ! It doesn’t look like it has a curled bottom. Maybe it has a hemmed edge. Do you knit a few rounds, and then purl one round, then knit a few more, then pick up the caston edge and knit it with the next round, for a hem?[/COLOR]

With a turned up picot edge, that’s what you would do. Knit a few rounds in stockinette, then make YOs for the picot, then knit more stockinette. When you finish and turn up the hem and sew it, it’ll stay flat.

[I][COLOR=green]Here’s the picture I found…it looks to me like it probably has a picot edge…that’ll take care of any curling, once you get that done.[/COLOR][/I]

No actually I have the original magazine, I’ve always loved this sweater however it is getting the best of me today(and last night) I have started over this will be the 3rd time. I was just seeing if I could find the pattern and found out Barbara V passed away. To anwaer your question, the pattern is strictly stockingnette stitch.

[COLOR=royalblue]What’s the farthest you’ve ever gotten on it?[/COLOR]

Well, I would think that when you get to the top, the rings are done in purl or garter-stitch, right. Are you sure it doesn’t start with a hem?

Yes it has a picot hem, but how do I avoid the twisting. I’m sorry for being so thick. I feel like I’m knitting with a crochet hook

row 5 and it starts to look like a fried pork skin :frowning:

the pattern calls for the hem to be done after the project is done

no you start at the bottom and work upwards